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The Poet

So Unique

Topic: General
So Unique

I often wonder what I would without you

Just to talk to you or make each day feel brand new

I think of how you give me strength when I'm weak

But that's how you are a God so unique


You're always there to keep me hanging on

Showing your love and letting me know you'll never leave me alone

And when I may stray away from you

You're always there to see me through

To let know that you're the one I should seek

For you are the one who sits on high a God that's so unique


One who gives life and offers eternity to everyone

Trying to keep us from world where so much harm is done

you knock and knock time and time again

But we look through the peep hole and don't let you in

You show a life with the one who sits on the throne

A king who has built a mansion for us to call home


And you give courage when the world looks at us with defeat

For your unfailing love they don't understand because you're a

God that's so unique


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