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The Poet

When I Speak

Topic: General
When I Speak
When I talk to you, why do you let my words fall on a deaf ear
When I try to take you from the world, why is it that it is I you do not fear
When I lift you up, why do you let things that people do get you down
And what must I do, for you to see that without me your life will drown
So why do your heart become hard when I try to show you how to love
And why have you forgot that the things you do, I see from above
I try to show you that this world is coming to an end
But you choose to turn from me and live a life of sin
My son Jesus came to you to guide you along the way
But you put his instructions aside not knowing if you will make another day
So the choice is clear for for all to see, it's your decision if you choose me.

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